Business Numerology Report by IZO

Business Numerology Report by IZO
By Mr iZO
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About the product :

A Business Name adding up to a favourable Number can bring a lot of success for the individual whereas one adding up to an unfavourable number can bring ruin to your business.


It happens sometimes that even though you have the best talent and ideas working for your business, you are not able to achieve the desired profits. It may not be due to lack of talent at all but due to an unlucky Business Name Number.


When you place an order for a Business Numerology Report, it will include the following details that will enable you to use the power of numbers in your favour and bring success:


1. Analysis of your current company’s name (if existing company)
2. Help in fixing a new company/brand name (if new company)
3. Good dates to start your company and brand
4. Suggestion on brand or logo colour
5. Analysis of your horoscope concerning business


To make the Business Name Numerology Report our expert would require the following details from you:


1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Time of Birth
4. Place of Birth
5. Business Name
6. Type of Business
7. Place of Business
8. Logo Details


A Business Numerology Report will analyse your Business Name Numerology and the various problems you are facing along with your Numerological details. It will then provide you suggestion and solutions that will rectify your Business Name if required or suggest you a New Name if you are looking for a new name for a business.


Keeping a Business Name Compatible with your numbers or favourable for you will prove to be lucky for the business and bring success.


After the order is placed, you will receive a detailed report in your iZofy account within the given delivery time.

Deliver Time : 5 working days


  • Why iZofy?

    iZofy brings together renowned astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, healers, psychics and Vaastu Shastra experts from across the globe under one roof. You can select a credible expert on the basis of its expert rating mechanism or post your problem and let the experts bid to offer a solution within your budget.

    Apart from this, iZofy gives you free access to a wide range of services including Numerology report, Zodiac forecast, name number calculator, car number calculator, Baby Birth Calculator, Love Calculator and Interesting articles on occult subjects.

  • Accuracy of Experts

    Our experts have a large national and international client base with years of experience in this field. You can be assured they provide accurate information concerning your horoscope chart analysis and required predictions. They have gained popularity and respect over the years by helping innumerable people through their advice and suggestions after carefully studying their problems or queries.

  • Choosing the Best Expert

    To help you decide easily we have a review and expert rating option provided in each expert’s profile where they have been rated by previous clients. You can choose the best expert on the basis of the rating they have received by the other clients.

  • Quality of Service

    We are committed to offer you service of the highest quality therefore our empanelled experts analyse your horoscopes thoroughly and generate predictions based on them. The full report provided to you undergoes proper quality checks to ensure accuracy and usefulness.

  • How can the report /advice / suggestion/remedy help me?

    iZofy gives you the option of choosing experts not just from one field but other fields as well. Every expert can guide you in taking decisions advantageous for your future. Just like astrology, numerology, tarot reading, healing, Vaastu and psychic are various branches of occult science that have helped individuals understand the reasons for the various problems they are facing and solve them through solutions provided by the experts.

    The advice/suggestion/remedy provided by the experts are prepared after analysing your problems or questions thoroughly. They help you understand your own potential and make decisions accordingly.

  • Confidentiality of personal details

    Be assured that your details are completely safe and confidential with us. We use them only when you come to us for your solutions, queries or any other requirement.

    It is kept completely confidential and not shared with any third party at any cost. Even when sharing it internally with experts for predictions or remedies only those details are given that are required for providing solutions.

  • Can "Post a Problem" be useful for definite problems?

    Post a Problem allows you to ask any question that is bothering you. It can be related to your life, marriage, job, career, business, family, children, love, relationships etc.

    If you have more than one question that you want answered then you can go for our specific services or opt for a detailed report. It will give you detailed information along with remedies to overcome your problems.

  • What about the security of my payment details?

    Your payment details are 100% secure. Our payment gateway is SSL secured with 256 bit encryption to ensure safety of your payment.

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