Career Growth-Change in Job

choose the right career with astrological help.

Growth in profession or career is important to do well in life even if it requires change in job for an individual. However, sometimes you go through a time when you feel that your professional growth has stagnated and you are stuck in the same position for a considerable amount of time. In times like this a sound advice or suggestion as what you should do to is helpful in making up your mind.

Some common reasons for problems in career growth:

  • Dissatisfied with current salary
  • No scope for growth and development in current position
  • No promotion
  • Confused about switchingfrom job to business
  • Fear of failure incase of job change

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How Astrology affects your Career Growth / Change in Job

Astrology plays a major role in shaping your career as planets in the universe affect human beings including their successes and failures. It can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you choose a career option or a job that will bring you success and growth in the future.

Similarly, different branches of Astrology play a role in identifying and shaping your career growth as mentioned below:



  • The 10th House indicates the House of Profession and different planets reveal your strengths and weaknesses. A detailed analysis can help you identify them and understand if a change in job is will be helpful or not.
  • Temporary bad phase in life effecting career


  • A bad name number creating obstacles and delays in your professional progress. For example name number 4 is responsible for bringing sudden success and a sudden failure for the native. Hence it should be changed.
  • Compatibility between the numbers of an individual effect their professional as well as personal success. If a person’s psychic, destiny or name number is not compatible he or she can face a lot of difficulty in life.


  • An analysis of palm can revealif changing job will be favourable or not for your career.

Remedial Measures

Astrology has a range of remedies to offer which can help you choose the best option in terms of career or job.

Few of them are:

  • A complete analysis of the horoscopehelps you identify the obstacles you are facing in your career growth and tell you if changing a job can be helpful or not.
  • Wearing gemstones can enable you to overcome career problems.
  • Changing spelling of name for a better Name Number

How iZofy can help?

iZofy has a qualified team of experienced and skilled Experts in Astrology and Numerology who have solved such issues faced by individuals during their career growth.

Our experts through their in-depth understanding and knowledge have guided these individuals with the help of one or more of the above mentioned remedies which have enabled them to make the correct choice for their career.

The detailed analysis done by our experts and a holistic approach to the problems has assisted the professionals or businesspersons in understanding the problems better and implement the solutions.

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Case Study


Rashi (name changed) visited iZofy’s website and posted her problem about her stagnated growth in her current job. Her problem was that she was stuck in the same position and in the same salary for a long time and even though she was searching for better job options, she was not able to find any.

Solution from iZofy Experts

Our expert analysed her horoscope and her date of birth and found that the alignment of planets indicated a temporary bad phase was going on in her life which would be over in another 3 months. Therefore, she must stay patient and calm during this time. Once it is over she will receive a lot of good opportunities to progress in her career. Also, it was found that her name number was 4 and changing it would be advantageous for her personal and professional life.

I have joined a new company 3 months back and have also been confirmed due to my good performance. Thanks iZofy for showing me the way to progress.

Rashi , Hr Professional

(testimonial we received from Rashi after 7 months of providing solution)

To know more about Career Growth-Change in Job