Health Problems

Health is Wealth! Why play hardball with it?

Health is Wealth is an old sayingthat indicates the significance of having good health. You usually attribute growing stress and an unhealthy lifestyle to the innumerablehealth problems you face from the time you are born till the time you die. What are the types of health problems that can occur during a person’s lifetime?

Some common health related problems you face could be:

  • Chronic health diseases
  • Vulnerability to common health issues
  • Depression related issues
  • Long term ailments
  • Life threatening health problems such as cancer, leukaemia, malignant tumours etc.

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How Astrology affects your Health

Astrology plays an important role in influencing an individual’s well-being since planets impact the functioning ofvarious organs of the body. Astrology can reveal why an individual could be facing some particular diseases and how they can be cured. It is also helpful in guiding individuals on how they can avoid some certain health issues they might face in their life.

Similarly, different branches of Astrology play a role in identifying and overcoming or avoiding various health problems in a person’s life:



  • Every house in the horoscope influences certain organs of the body. The planetary alignments of these houses are responsible for various problems related to those particular organs. Experts can analyse an individual’s horoscope and identify these issues and suggest remedies.


  • The Date of Birth of a person can reveal the strong as well as weak aspects of their body. This helps to take necessary preventive measures for a healthier life.For example a person born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 of any month faces health problems related to over exertion, trouble with eyes or throat or blood pressure related issues.Including exercises for proper blood circulation, into their daily routine can help them avoid many such ailments.

Vastu Shastra

  • Vastu Shastra principles of design enable a person to achieve prosperity, peace and progress. Following Vastu principles while construction of a homeensures that the five elements of nature are utilised in a way that promotes good health among the individuals living in it.


  • Healing is an art and science that has the power to heal innumerable health problems. There are various types of healing processes such as reiki, chakra or pranic healing that have the power to cure an individual’s ailments through transfer of positive energies.

Remedial Measures

Astrology has a range of remedies to offer which can helpin identifying and curing various health related problems. Few of them are:

Few of them are:

  • A complete analysis of the horoscope indicates the alignment of planets in a person’s horoscope and how they are affecting his or her health. The horoscope also reveals the health problems a person might face in the future and how they can be avoided.
  • Wearing gemstones is another remedy that helps the body overcome many health issues.
  • Changing spelling of name for a better Name Number helps in increasing the quality of life
  • Vastu Shastra compliant house brings prosperity and good health for a person and his or her family and experts can guide in suggesting the Vastu guidelines to harness this power.
  • Healing experts have the power to heal or cure an individual’s health problem through their positive energy.

How iZofy can help?

iZofy has a qualified team of experienced and skilled Experts in Astrology, Numerology, Healing, Vastu etc. who havehelped people in overcoming various type of health problems during their lifetime.

Our experts through their in-depth understanding and knowledge have aided people in improving their health condition by curing innumerable ailments faced by themto ensure their well-being.

The detailed analysis done by our experts and a holistic approach to the problems has assisted them in understanding the problems better in order to implement the solutions.

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Case Study


Mr. Joshi (name changed) came to iZofy’s website for a solution for his health issues. His problem was that he had visited many doctors and taken innumerable medicines but his health issues did not seem to lessen. The medicines too were giving him side effects.

Solution from iZofy Experts

After our expert analysed his problems he advised him to try the art of healing. An analysis of Mr. Joshi’s numbers also revealed that his psychic number and name number was 8 which was creating many problems in his life. He was also advised to change the spelling of his name for a more compatible name number.

“My health has improved much through healing. Also, the number of medicines I consume has considerably reduced. ”

Mr.Joshi, Businessman

(testimonial we received from Mr.Joshi after 1 year of providing solution)

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