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Marriages have been considered as an important ceremony binding two individuals for life. The ideal match for marriages are either chosen by the individuals themselves or by their families. Whoever does the selection what is important is that the two people entering this holy alliance for life must be able to live a happy life together. Marriages are looked upon as an important decision in life by the society that should be taken at the so called correct age. Especially for, once they enter their 20s, their parents begin looking for the right match. However, even though we believe that the person we tie this knot with is already decided by destiny, we face a lot of problems finding the ideal match.

Some common problems associated with marriages include:

  • Not finding the preferred kind of bride/groom
  • Matching of social status
  • Compatibility between both individuals
  • Compatibility between both families
  • Financial status causing issues
  • Desire to achieve better financial stability
  • Desire to gain higher education
  • Conflicting opinions between parents and the individuals

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How Astrology affects marriage

Astrology plays a major role in your marriage as planets in the universe affect human beings. The ill placement of certain planets especially malefic planets such as Saturn have a severe effect on a person’s marriage.

Similarly, different branches of Astrology play a role in causing problems or issues related to marriage as mentioned below:



  • Saturn or other malefic planets in the 7th House (house ruling over marriage) or aspecting the 7th
  • Bad Position of the Lord of 7th House


  • Females born on 8, 17 or 26 experience a delay in marriage.
  • A bad Name Number can cause problems in an individual’s marriage. For example, Name Numbers 4 and 8 generally create a lot of trouble in a person’s life which include a difficulty in getting married.

Remedial Measures

Astrology has a range of remedies to offer which can help to remove problems you are facing while fixing your marriage.

Few of them are:

  • A complete analysis of your horoscope would suggest favourable time periods when you have higher chances of getting married
  • Performing Rituals
  • Wearing gemstones
  • Changing spelling of name for a better Name Number

How iZofy can help?

iZofy has a qualified team of experienced and skilled Experts in Astrology and Numerology who have handled issues causing problems for individuals wanting to get married. Our experts through their in-depth understanding and knowledge have guided individuals with the help of one or more of the above mentioned remedies which have helped them get married and lead a happily married life.

The detailed analysis done by our experts and a holistic approach to the problems has enabled the individuals understand the problems better and implement the solutions. The remedies provided by experts at iZofy, have enabled the individuals to overcome the difficulties or delays faced by them thereby giving them a chance to experience the joy of marriage and a happy life.

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Case Study


Mrs. Khanna visited iZofy to consult an expert regarding her daughter’s marriage. She was not able to find the right match for her daughter and was afraid that her marriage was getting delayed.

Solution from iZofy Experts

Our expert analysed her daughter’s horoscope and numbers and found that due to an unfavourable alignment of planets she was going through a temporary bad phase which was delaying her marriage. Also, her name number was 8 which was causing delays and problems in her life. She was advised to change her name number and was also suggested a gemstone to her during this temporary phase which would be over after 6 months. Our expert also suggested her suitable time periods when her chances of getting married would be high.

“I am happy to say that I found a very good match for my daughter and she got married last month. ”

Mrs. Khanna, Housewife

(testimonial we received from Mrs. Khanna after 9 months of providing solution)

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