Match Making

astrology knows your perfect match

Marriages are made in heaven but they can be matched on earth by experts who can ensure you find the right partner for yourself and lead a good married life. However, match making is not an easy job and a lot of factors have to be considered as it would affect the life of two individuals.

Some common causes of problems in matchmaking include:

  • Difficulty in finding the ideal match
  • Identifying a knowledgeable expert who can help you find your match
  • Problems in horoscope that make finding a proper match difficult
  • Finding a match that ensures harmony with your partner as well as in-laws

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How Astrology affects compatibility

Astrology is a significant part of the match making process as planets have a substantial effect on humans. The alignment of planets can help you choose your ideal match by revealing your compatibility with the prospective partner.

Similarly, other branches of Astrology too help in understanding compatibility between two people and determining the ideal match for you.



  • Matching horoscopes to determine level of compatibility


  • Compatibility between dates of birth of both the individuals can show how their relationship can be in the future.
  • A bad name number can also make it difficult to find the ideal partner

Remedial Measures

Astrology and Numerology has a range of remedies to offer which can help you decide with whom you can share a good relationship.

Few of them are:

  • Matching the horoscope of both the individuals to determine how suitable they for each other according to their behaviour and personality
  • Performing Rituals to overcome any dosh that makes matchmaking difficult
  • Wearing gemstones
  • Changing spelling of name to make it in harmony with your prospective partner’s name

How iZofy can help?

iZofy has a qualified team of experienced and skilled Experts in Astrology and Numerology who have helped many individuals find a suitable match for eachother. They have guided them in understanding themselves and find a partner accordingly with whom they can share a happy life.

Our experts, through one or more of the above mentioned remedies have provided solutions to people facing problems with matchmaking due to various reasons. Their detailed analysis and holistic approach to the problems has enabled the individuals understand the problems better and implement the solutions. With the help of guidance from iZofy experts, numerousindividuals have found their true soulmate and are living a happily married life.

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Case Study


Sarika’s mother came to iZofy website to help her decide the best match for her daughter. She was facing a problem in deciding a match best suited for her daughter among the various prospective groom suggestions. Earlier she had almost fixed her daughter marriage but it did not take place due to disagreements between her daughter and the groom.

Solution from iZofy Experts

After analysing Sarika’s horoscope and the horoscope of the prospective grooms, our expert suggested her mother the ideal match for her daughter.

“ Earlier I was quite apprehensive about getting married but I never knew it would make me so happy. Thanks to iZofy for helping me find my soulmate.”

Sarika, Housewife

(testimonial we received from Sarika after 1 year of providing solution)

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