Problems Having Children

Astrology can reveal your perfect fertility timing!

A child is a blessing to a family but there are many such families who do not receive this blessing. Due to various medical complications many couples are unable to have children which leaves them disappointed. Astrology is a science that enables them to know if they can overcome all such problems and experience the joy of being a father and mother.

Some common reasons for problems having children:

  • Medical complications
  • Older Age
  • Family issues
  • Financial problems

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How Astrology affects individuals

Astrology plays a major role in the every aspect of the lives of individuals as planets in the universe affect human beings. Similarly, different branches of Astrology play a role in the problems that couples face when they are not able to have children, as mentioned below:



  • If the 5ths Lord is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th House, there are chances of not having an offspring.
  • If Lord of 5th is with malefics and is weak, there is a possibility of not having any children.
  • If the 9ths Lord is in Lagna, while 5ths Lord is in fall and Ketu is in 5th along with Mercury then the couple will go through a lot of difficulties in having a child.


  • A Bad Name Number can create a lot of problems and not having children being one of them


  • The Children Line on a person’s hand can reveal a solution if they are facing difficulty in conceiving. It indicates if the couple can have a child or not.

Remedial Measures

Astrology has a range of remedies to offer which can help the couples in experiencing the joy of being a parent.

Few of them are:

  • Identifying the period during which chances of having a child are good.
  • Performing Rituals
  • Wearing gemstones
  • Changing spelling of name for a Name Number that brings luck and increases your chances of having a child

How iZofy can help?

iZofy has a qualified team of experienced and skilled Experts in Astrology and Numerology who have handled couples facing problems in having children. Our experts have given guidance to the couple with the help of one or more of the above mentioned remedies through which they have successfully overcome their problems and experience the joy of parenthood.

Their detailed analysis and holistic approach to the problems has enabled the couples to understand the problems better and implement the solutions. With the help of guidance from iZofy experts, they have successfully solved the issues creating obstacles and give birth to children to complete their family.

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Case Study


Rohini (name changed) came to iZofy’s website with a problem that she was not able to conceive. Her problem was that it had been 5 years since she had got married but she was not able to get pregnant even though there weren’t any major medical complications.

Solution from iZofy Experts

Our expert analysed her horoscope and found that she would have children but there may be a delay of two more years. She was advised to stay patient and was suggested gemstone to help her cope with the phase.

“ Rohini has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We are all thrilled to have her in our lives. ”

Rohini’s husband

(testimonial we received from Rohini’s husband after 3 years of providing solution)

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